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System Overload Robotics is a devoted community FIRST team in the Tri-Valley. We are dedicated above all else to STEM education. From mentors to members, we provide access to hands-on learning through FIRST Robotics Competition and other STEM events throughout the year. We are open to all in the Tri-Valley and are based at the Livermore Municipal Airport.


Our Mission

System Overload provides a learning environment that educates students and fosters new and innovative ideas. We are committed to inspiring kids through engineering projects and real-life experiences.

We provide our members with an environment to further their skills and interests in engineering; primarily in software development, basic electrical engineering, manufacturing, industry tool use and safety, and general team organization and cooperation. We work with a team of volunteer mentors and about 25 high school students in the Tri-Valley. We participate in FRC for about six months out of the year, and spend the rest of the time developing our skills in preparation for the next season.

Our Team!

Several of our current members have participated in the previous seasons of FRC, giving us a large pool of experience to draw from. System Overload Robotics prides itself in promoting diversity in our team, both in promoting women to pursue leadership positions and in the creation of an inclusive, respectful team environment.  Compared to the STEM industry average of 28% of women in STEM fields, System Overload Robotics excels in the promotion of women, with 40% of our team mentors being female or non-binary members. 20% of our youth leadership positions are held by female or non-binary members, in comparison to 12% in the professional field.

In the last year, System Overload Robotics has successfully competed in three tournaments. Starting in September 2021, we fought to become competition finalists in the CalGames competition held in San Jose, CA. In 2022, we successfully competed in two regional competitions, and qualified for the quarterfinal round at the Monterey Bay Regional Competition in April. We look forward to the continued success of our team this coming year!


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